“...Cintron makes his entrance in a shackled cage, wheeled onto the stage by dancers in prison uniforms. Visually and lyrically introducing one of the central motifs of the show—the embattled state of God’s people and word in a circus culture—the piece, like most of the show, walks a tightrope between strident social critique and optimistic faith that believers still have the power to “be strong, be bold, [and] be holy.”
— Ken Morefield, Christianity Today
“ ‘He thinks of his work as “visual metaphor. It’s what I believe people are feeling in America. There’s a tension and frustration that exists in what we see and hear in the world today through the media.”

He cites wars and the tension between countries as one cause of anxiety. “No one has an explanation for why it’s happening,” he said. “The constitution is being killed by judges who ignore the text.’”
— Kate Rounds, Hudson Reporter
“Cintron wrote the music and created fine art for Standing in Babylon, a multimedia theatrical concert interpreted by about 70 dancers, actors, singers, musicians and support staff. The edgy visuals, lyrics, dancers and up-tempo music convey a serious message. “The storyline is about the people of God rising up. But Standing in Babylon is also a story about self-deception, betrayal and redemption,” Cintron explains.”
— Peter Johnson, Charisma Magazine