Hope Center Arts was founded in March 2000 by Leigh Piatt-Gonzalez who serves as president of the organization, and her husband Mario Gonzalez Jr. Esq, an attorney licensed in the states of NY and NJ who serves as CEO. Just a few months after it’s inception Sam & Liz Cintron came on as co-founders of the organization. Sam as the vice-president and Liz as the director of the arts academy. (read Sam’s bio on “The Artist page).

As president, Leigh has established a full season schedule at the center including concerts, theatrical productions, cafes, art exhibitions and lectures. Leigh also serves as creative producer and executive producer for Standing in Babylon. The center houses its own arts academy that has an average enrollment of 130 students each year.

In 2011 Sam created the Standing in Babylon Theatrical Concert, which is drawn from his art, music and performance art. For Leigh, “Helping to knit the pieces together in the creative process and watching the team bring those pieces alive on stage, has been a fulfilling experience. This concert series, is art with a message that exemplifies the mission and purpose of Hope Center Arts. In this new incarnation, the Get Up Again Tour, Sam’s work is focused very specifically as a commentary and response to the current climate in our nation. It is a call for the nation to stand.”