How can I be involved? 


First and foremost please pray for this project. We believe God has placed this message on our hearts. We pray that it may find roots to accomplish God’s will and inspire all those that choose to be involved. 

Host the tour.

Inspire this generation of artists to use their talents to influence culture by participating in the project, and witnessing it. 

Share the message and minister to your congregation, through a unique fine art driven concert.

Provide an opportunity to reach the lost in your community.

Promote biblically based fine art/performance that steers the culture. 

Some options require no-upfront costs to bring the tour to your doors. We travel with our own backline – that means we don’t “borrow” instruments from your worship team. We travel with our own sound and lighting-so no need to reset for Sunday service 

Partner with others.

Believe that our nation can return to its Christian principles and the church can again become a mobilizing force. 

The Standing in Babylon Project is also open for workshops, panel discussions, worship conferences, seminars, and other events. Many of our cast are working on Broadway or touring nationally. If your church is looking to start programming in the arts or to strengthem your already formed teams, we can help. Hope Center Arts also hosts various conferences and events in the New York Metro area annually.